How Much Money Can I Make From My Scrap Car?

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A question at least once a day is, “How much money can I make from my scrap car?”

In fact, if we hear it again, we may hop in our car, hit the pedal to the (scrap) metal and not stop driving ’til we hit the Caribbean coast! Just kidding—we love cars, especially scrap ones.

While most reading this blog will be looking for us to provide a solid number, it, unfortunately, isn’t that simple.

We can’t say “You will make $500 from your car.”


Well, because there are a number of factors to consider when assigning value to a car you’ll be scrapping. These factors fall into two categories:

Total, utter scrap cars

If your car was 20 years old when you bought it 9 years ago and has since been used as fodder at a monster truck rally, then your car will literally be sold for scrap metal.

While that is an extreme example, cars that no longer run, have no Blue Book value, or would cost more to repair than they are worth, will all likely be simply turned to scrap and recycled for their steel and other materials.

Scrap cars are generally assigned a value based on their scale weight and the current price of materials.

This is why pricing out how much you will get for scrapping your card is easy. Simply put it on a scale and tally the number with the current price of scrap metals.

After you’ve busted your bathroom scale from parking your car on top of it (or unsuccessfully tried to bribe a truck-stop weigh-in station attendant to weight your vehicle) give us call and we can give you a price over-the-phone based on our database of vehicle curb weights.

Scrapping it for parts

If your car is shot but there are still some parts worth a little bit of money, then it may be worth selling the parts individually, instead of simply weighing the car and getting the per-pound value.

To sell car parts, you can do it on your own, piece by piece, or use a company like Logel’s. Otherwise, you can rip out the parts yourself and sell them individually on Craigslist, Kijiji or eBay.

This decision generally comes down to time constraints. If you have the time and desire to list each part individually, wait for each one to sell, and then pack them up and ship them out, go for it.

Depending on the state of the parts, it may or may not be worth trying to sell the parts alone.

If you’re in doubt about whether to sell your car for scrap or for parts, bring it to Logel’s. We’re born-and-raised car guys. We don’t mess around or beat around the bush—we’ll straight-talk tell you which one is your best option.

Get in touch.

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