The Many Advantages of Wheel Refinishing

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Wheel refinishing is the unsung hero of the wheel industry. It can breathe life into your dull, tired wheels for a fraction of the cost of replacing them entirely.

To help you understand why wheel refinishing is a solid choice for car owners, here is a long list of benefits—and solid reasons why you should leverage wheel refinishing for your car:

  1. Cost

Wheel refinishing costs just a fraction of what it would cost to replace the wheels entirely.

  1. Winter

Winter is extremely hard on wheels due to corrosive salts. Wheel refinishing will replace the finish that winters damage, which will protect the wheel over the long-term.

  1. Shine

Wheels become lacklustre over the long-term, especially with our harsh winters here in the Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge and Guelph area. Replace their faded shine with wheel refinishing, which will not only make them shine—but make them stand out and say “look at me, look at me”. This is a no-brainer if you put effort into maintaining the overall appearance of your car.

  1. Cars are in the Details

If you’ve ever had your car ‘detailed’ then you know the differences that small details make when your car is properly cared for. Wheel refinishing makes such a huge difference to the outside appearance of your car that it is a major detail. So—if you’re a regular at your local car-detailing shop, strongly consider finishing the look with a high-quality wheel refinishing job.

  1. Prolong their Lifecycle

Wheel refinishing is a great way to prolong the lifecycle of your wheels, while adding shine. Unfortunately the harsh weather we get, as discussed above, not only wears the finish of your wheels but over time it can cause corrosion and rust of the actual wheel itself—in addition to the finish.

  1. Builds Value

Car owners know that the better you care for your car, the better it will maintain its value. Wheel refinishing builds value as it shows the care you’ve put into your car, in a front-and-centre way as wheels on a car are one of the most visible features.

  1. Remove Build Up

Car wheels get road build up on them year-round. Many people remove this with simply abrasive-free washing—but sometimes your build up is simply more than you can deal with. Or, if your wheel build up has damaged the finish or is more than you can remove on your own—look into wheel refinishing.

If you’re convinced in the value of wheel refinishing—call the experts here at Logel’s today for a quote, or to book your appointment.

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