It’s Time to Start Looking for Winter Tires

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We’ve been holding off on saying the “W” word but it’s that time. With the colder temperatures and snow just around the corner it’s time to get those winter tires out. If you’re in the market for a set this year, our advice is to start looking now.


The longer you wait the less luck you’ll have. Every year shops only have so much space to stock winter tires, and manufactures get back ordered quickly. So the earlier you start shopping the better.


This is an extremely busy time of year for shops, especially tire shops. At this time of year they might be booking weeks ahead. The best rule to follow is that once the temperature reaches 7 degrees C or less consistently, you should switch to your winter wheels and tires. So for safety you’re better off getting them on a little early than a little late. Even without snow, an all season tire can be slippery in colder conditions.

So you better believe that once that first snow falls, there’s going to be a rush of people looking for tires. So the sooner you can get shopping the better!

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