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Here at Logel’s Auto Parts, we do our best to keep as much inventory cleaned, tested, and ready to go as possible. But it is nearly impossible to keep everything available for every year, make, and model here at our Kitchener Ontario location. Especially when some vehicles may have as many as 15 different wheel options, and that’s just for one make and model. Factor in, options for new OEM, or used, or new aftermarket, and you get the idea.

This is where our trading or “Exchange partners” come into play. We have a network of trusted partners with a shared inventory reaching across Canada and as far down as the southern U.S. This allows us to locate just about any part you might be looking for at the touch of a button; and know the price, condition, and delivery date in mere moments. With our computerized inventory, and sophisticated logistics networks, we can usually have your part available for you overnight.

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    Being such a functional yet complicated machine that it is, having the need to replace a part or component of your car is simply inevitable. Whether it may be because of wear, a road accident, or natural occurrence, no matter how painstakingly and religiously you maintain your beloved ride, there will still come a time when you will have to go and have some car parts replaced.

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