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Where To Buy Quality Used Rims in Ontario

Having your snow tires on their own set of steel wheels reduces the time it takes to change your tires, which also reduces your bill at the auto shop. When you’re paying to get your winter tires changed twice a year, the cost savings quickly become evident over the life of your vehicle. 

When it comes to choosing rims, Logel’s is the place to go for savings on winter tires, chrome wheels, steel wheels, and more.

Should I Buy Chrome Wheels, Alloy Rims, or Steel Rims?


When it comes to buying wheels, the wheel style you choose matters. There are three main types of wheel materials; chrome, steel, and aluminum alloy. 

The right type of wheels depends on your needs. Before buying wheels, you’ll want to ensure that the wheel style you choose is compatible with your vehicle’s bolt pattern and maximum wheel size allowance. 

Aluminum wheels, or alloy wheels, are composed of a nickel-aluminum blend. Rims can be manufactured in different ways, but the most common method is cast aluminum alloy. The manufacturing process pours molten aluminum into a mold. Alloy generally creates lighter wheels, and  lighter wheels improve cornering and reduce road feedback for better braking response. 

Steel wheels are generally less expensive, and more durable than other options. Steel wheels are often the choice for winter tires, as looking fancy isn’t needed during the winter months. 

When choosing wheels, consider how the rims and tires you choose will impact your braking performance, in terms of both braking distance and braking response. 

Chrome wheels are generally affordable and are great for harsh and humid environments. This makes them a great choice for winter tires as well, as they don’t rust like steel and are heavier than alloy. The metallic mirrored shine also looks great for drivers who are looking for an attractive aesthetic.

Logel’s Warranty Program

Every car part that you purchase at Logel’s comes with a standard 60-day warranty. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can return your used parts, with your receipt, for a no-hassle, 100% refund within this time period.

We also provide extended warranties from one to five years — this includes coverage for both parts and labour. Learn more about our warranties here.

Come to Logel’s for new and used rims from the best brands in Canada.

We’ve got thousands of satisfied customers in the Kitchener-Waterloo area. We check over all of our new and used rims to make sure they’re in good shape to ensure durability for your vehicle. 

If you’re concerned about how your wheels are going to impact your steering precision, ride quality, or vehicle performance, it may be worth dropping by our location to talk to one of our experts for the best wheel buying experience.

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