Why Are Winter Tires Important?

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If you’ve ever used winter tires during a storm or on icy roads, then you’ve felt the difference that a good set of tires can make.

Winter tires are one of the most important elements of your car during the winter — because if you don’t have a grip on the road, then you don’t have control over your vehicle.

To help break down the specifics of why you need winter tires, let’s look at exactly what they do for you, your car, and your overall stability on the road.

Superior Tire Treads

Winter tires have small razor-type slits designed into the tread. These slits will increase your tires’ overall grip — even on roads that have ice, slush, snow, or a combination of the above.

Conversely, the treads on all-season tires are smaller and are generally well-worn after a couple of seasons. If you drive or brake quickly, then your tire treads will wear faster. The same is true if you drive large distances, especially with city or highway driving.

V-Groove Technology

In addition to the tread features mentioned above, winter tires have v-shaped grooves designed into their tread pattern. These grooves will pull the slush out from under your treads, and then the v-shape will push the slush away.

This v-groove action will prevent slush from remaining under your tires. Too much slush from snow or ice can cause tire spinning, slipping, and skidding, which are all major causes of winter accidents. You can feel the difference that this technology makes when you get an early snowfall. Next time you’re caught driving on all-seasons in fresh snow, pay attention and see how different it feels!

Below-Zero Temperature Rated Material

Winter tires are made from a special type of material that is able to maintain its rubbery disposition, even in the coldest of temperatures.

Conversely, all-season tires are made from a material that isn’t rated for Canadian winters. This material will begin to fail in temperatures below its rating. When the rubber on all-season tires is exposed to sub-zero temperatures, it begins to lose its consistency, its traction, and its grip on the road.

Winter tire material will keep your traction intact. Make sure that you’re able to stop, turn, and slow down when the situation depends it — don’t get caught with your all-seasons. Find out more about why you should use winter tires instead of all-seasons here.

Temperature Options

As mentioned above, winter tires are made from a material rated for below-zero temperatures. However, not all winter tires are rated exactly the same. If you will be driving in Northern Ontario, where temperatures can dip well below zero, make sure that you buy winter tires rated to endure that type of cold.

To buy a new or used set of winter tires for your vehicle today, contact the team at Logel’s today.

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