How To Replace Parts On A Damaged Vehicle

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The process to replace parts on a damaged vehicle can be confusing and expensive. At Logel’s Auto Parts, we make finding used, high-quality parts for your vehicle as easy and inexpensive as possible.

In this blog, we outline three different strategies for replacing parts on a damaged vehicle:

Contact Logel’s Auto Parts

Since 1959, we have been committed to providing the best service experience to our customers across Southwestern Ontario.

If you need to replace the parts on a damaged vehicle, this is why you should consider Logel’s:

1. We have the parts you need

Our easy-to-use database of parts allows you to shop by vehicle, VIN, and stock number. Moreover, all the parts you buy from Logel’s come with an industry-leading 60-day warranty.

2. We can help you find your parts

To ensure that you get the right parts for your damaged vehicle, we have a Vehicle Damage Locator you can use. This Locator will help you identify the part that needs to be replaced so we can accurately source that part for you.

3. We can get you parts for less money

If you get a part through a mechanic or dealership, you will be charged a premium. Buying parts through an auto parts recycler will save you money.

Go To A Dealership

If you are looking for OEM parts for your vehicle, you may want to consider visiting a dealership. Generally speaking, when you visit a dealership to request a part for your vehicle, you’ll be presented with one specific part that was made for your vehicle.

The obvious downside to buying OEM from a dealership is the cost. On average, OEM parts cost about 60% more than aftermarket or used parts.

The upside is that if your vehicle is under warranty, depending on the nature and reason of the repair, it might be covered.

Visit An Auto Body Shop

Depending on the severity of the damage to your vehicle, you may need to visit an auto body shop for repairs.

If your car is not under warranty, it is a good idea to have a mechanic that you trust to make the repairs your vehicle needs. To find an auto body shop that you can trust, visit Google and Facebook and read their reviews — be sure to check how they respond to both positive and negative reviews!

Another suggestion is to ask people for recommendations on a social media community group. You can gauge the reputation of a mechanic by people’s reactions to the suggestions!

In Conclusion

Having to replace the parts on your vehicle can be stressful. Between the often unexpected circumstances that led to your vehicle needing repairs to the costs associated with fixing your vehicle, you’ll want to make the process as pain-free as possible.

If you have any questions about finding the right parts for your vehicle, don’t hesitate to browse Logel’s parts catalogue or get in touch with us.

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    Thank you for having an informative web site. I’m sure I will be calling on your company when I need to find what is difficult to find.

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