Why You Should Choose an Auto Parts Recycler When Buying Car Parts

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Are you aware of your choices when it comes to buying car parts? If you’re looking to replace a car part, consider buying from an auto parts recycler instead of buying new.

Recycled Parts Save Money

The number one reason to consider recycled auto parts for your vehicle is that they save you money. Recycled car parts are used, which knocks down the price significantly. Between the cost of the part itself and the labour required to install it, you could save hundreds of dollars compared with buying new.

Recycled Parts Come with a Warranty

If you’re unsure about the longevity of used car parts, you should know that most auto parts recyclers offer warranties on their products. At Logel’s, we include a standard 60-day warranty on all of our parts. You can easily exchange your part for a 100% refund if you’re not satisfied. We also offer three extended warranty packages up to five years so that you have even more piece of mind.

Recycled Parts Are Originals

When you’re shopping for new car parts, they could be made by almost anyone. But choosing recycled parts means that you know you’re getting a part made specifically for your vehicle, by your vehicle’s manufacturer.

Recycled Auto Parts Are Environmentally-Friendly

Many people are worried about their carbon footprint, and one small way that you can reduce yours is to buy recycled car parts. By reusing a part and giving it new life, you save the energy and materials required to make a brand new part.

If your vehicle is coming to the end of its life, you can contribute to the availability of used car parts by selling your car to Logel’s Auto Parts. We’ll recycle all of the parts that can be recycled, and safely dispose of those that can’t.

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  • Heathfield Motors

    Because the biggest benefit of choosing the used auto parts is the price. This is the main reason people choose to purchase used car parts over expensive, newly manufactured car parts from the brand dealers. Most of the time, you can find used car parts for a fraction of the cost of new parts, often saving as much as 50% on what you’d usually pay.

  • A M

    Thanks for sharing. Recycled auto parts save money, time and have environmental benefits.

  • Reply

    Thanks for sharing recycled auto parts information.

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