5 Cleaning Products Every Car Owner Should Have

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Making sure your car looks great and clean is essential for keeping it in great shape and extending its life. But you can’t just use any regular household products to clean your car. Include these products in your car-cleaning arsenal to make sure you’re keeping it in great shape all year-round.

Car Shampoo

We’re probably all guilty of washing our cars with household detergents at some point in our lives. Unfortunately, these can do major damage to your car’s paint and exterior. Some household detergents are too strong or have ingredients that can damage paint, whereas car shampoos are made specifically for car exteriors. They’re great for removing dirt and salt buildup on your car, and some of them include wax to give your car that beautiful shiny finish.

Polish & Wax

Giving your car a shiny finish makes it more presentable to the world, but like most car maintenance practices, the benefits of polishing or waxing your car goes beyond aesthetic. Leaving your car’s exterior paint bare can make it more susceptible to damage, and there are waxes and polishes on the market that can help to keep your car clean, repels water and protects it from the elements.

Wheel Cleaners

Most car wheels are made of alloy or other metals, which means you can’t necessarily use any kind of cleaner on them. And on the other hand, you also have to be careful with alloy cleaners as they can damage the rest of your car. However, there are lots of wheel cleaners on the market that are perfectly safe while still containing the appropriate chemicals to keep your alloy wheels shining and protected from dirt.

Microfibre Cloths

In addition to chemical cleaners, you should keep a supply of microfibre cloths on hand to use on your vehicle. These can be used both inside and out. They’re gentle enough that they won’t scratch your car’s paint, but strong enough to pick up all of the dirt, dust and grime from your vehicle. Get some microfibre mitts to make washing the outside of your car a breeze, and use cloths for the interior.

Keeping your car clean and well maintained is a great way to maintain its value. Find out what bad habits you should avoid to maintain your car’s value from Logel’s Auto Parts in Kitchener-Waterloo.

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