How to De-Ice Your Car After an Ice Storm

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With the winter season comes the potential for dangerous storms – perhaps none more dangerous than ice storms. And it’s not just the roads that ice storms affect – they can also wreak major havoc on your car. Here are some helpful tips for getting your car ready for the road after an ice storm.

  1. Brush off any snow that’s sitting on top of the ice with a snow brush
  2. Never try to remove ice or snow from your car with a snow shovel
  3. If hitting the hood or trunk of your car to dislodge thin layers of ice, don’t use wood, hammers or ice scrapers; use your flattened hand if necessary
  4. Consider warming your car up with front and rear defrosters on to melt some of the ice
  5. Make sure the radiator grill and exhaust pipe are both unobstructed before attempting to start your car
  6. Turn on the headlights; the heat from the bulbs will help to melt the ice
  7. Clear windshield wipers of snow or ice before turning them on; if they’re stuck when you turn them on, you could damage the motor, linkage or blades themselves
  8. Never pour boiling water on your car to help melt the ice; it will cause your windows to crack
  9. If you’re not in a rush and the weather’s getting better, consider placing your car strategically in the sun to help melt the ice
  10. Use de-icing fluid in your car’s locks and handles if you can’t open them
  11. Try to remove as much snow and ice from around your car’s tires as possible using your hands, a brush or shovel
  12. Never drive with snow or ice on your car; it can be hazardous to you and other drivers

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