Tips for Taking Your Car Out of Winter Storage

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If you’re a classic car driver or simply have a vehicle you put in storage for the winter, we bet that you’re pretty excited this year’s snowy days are behind us. Before you can hit that road in your favourite car, make sure you follow these tips for taking your car out of winter storage. Taking the time to ensure that everything is in working order before you hit the road will save you the potential cost of towing or additional repairs.

Check Your Gas

Gas that has been sitting all winter may have a build up of condensation or other contaminants. Add some gas de-icer to the tank to improve combustion so you can burn off any bad gas or water that is in the tank. If necessary, safely drain the tank and replace with new gas.

Check and Replace all Fluids

When your vehicle is in storage, there is an increased chance that its fluids could become contaminated with water or other debris. Check all fluids to make sure they are clean and at the proper levels.

Change the Oil

When your car is stored over the winter, oil can build up condensation. This can cause contamination that will lead to premature rust inside your engine. Due to this, it’s important you start the season with an oil change.

Replace any Filters Necessary

There’s a good chance that your vehicle was stored somewhere that might have dust or other debris that could get into your vehicles filters. That’s why it’s a good idea to check all filters to make sure they’re in working order or need replacement.

Check Your Lights

Do a quick walk around your vehicle and make sure that all lights are in working order. Some lights may have dimmed while in storage, so make sure that you check that all are performing at peak brightness.

Check Your Tires

Check and make sure that your tires are free of cracks or bubbles and that there is an appropriate amount of tread left. Also, make sure that they are at the appropriate tire pressure, as they may have become slightly deflated while in storage.

Lubricate Your Cylinders

A vehicle that has been in storage for winter is likely to have very dry cylinders. To avoid unnecessary wear, before your start your engine, add some oil or upper cylinder lubricant into the cylinders.

Test Drive

Once you’ve made it through this checklist, you’re ready to go for a test drive! Listen for any unusual sounds and pay close attention to the feel of the vehicle when you drive. After you return home, check and makes sure that nothing is leaking.

If everything seems in working order after your short trip, you’re ready to hit the road for real! If you have any questions about taking your vehicle out of winter storage, give our auto shop in Kitchener-Waterloo a call. Many of our team members are classic car owners themselves and would be happy to share their knowledge.

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