Which Season is Best to Refinish Your Wheels?

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Seasons are an issue for wheel refinishing in Kitchener and Waterloo (and the rest of cold-weathered Canada). The reasons are exactly what you’d think — ice, slush and salt are hard on wheels and rims!

So which season is best to refinish your wheels? This is an interesting question — with a surprising answer…

Which Season is Best for Wheel Refinishing in Kitchener and Waterloo?

The truth is, wheel refinishing is an all-season business. And here’s why…

  • Winter slush, ice, and salts will damage your wheel’s finish over the long-term, but even if you get your wheels refinished in spring you’re still only 8 months away from winter. Sadly, we’re only ever 8 months away from winter. Your wheels will be exposed to the damaging effects of ice and salt at some point, so if winter is a convenient time for you to refinish your wheels, then go ahead.
  • The refinishing products that we use are the highest-quality—which means they last a long time. Yes, salts and winter weather will wear them down eventually, the difference between getting it done in winter or 6 months later makes no difference.
  • Spring is a busy time for wheel refinishers like us, as people repair their wheels in the springtime. They also bring their show cars out of the garage in spring! Needless to say, spring is busy. No matter when you come into Logel’s though—we’ll always make time for you!

How Does Wheel Refinishing Work 

If you’re wondering what’s involved in the wheel refinishing process—here it is:

  1. We ‘Blast’ ‘Em! In this step, we remove all the old paint, dirt and other materials with a gentle blasting (or stronger chemical stripping if needed).
  2. We Prep ‘Em! In this step, we fill any imperfections and ready them for step 3.
  3. We Finish ‘Em! We finish them with a powder-coat finish that makes them truly shine.
  4. We Set ‘Em! This final step returns the wheels to you or puts them back on your car.

Our wheel refinishing process is quick, effective and affordable. If you’re in the Kitchener or Waterloo area and have lackluster wheels, then head on over to Logel’s, any season of the year!

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  • Tom

    Hi there,

    Can you give me a quote on how much it would cost to refinish four 17″ inch rims into matte black?

    Thank you,

    • Matt

      Hi Tom,

      Thank you for getting in touch with us, we can absolutely get you a quote! Can you email jordan@logels.com the year, make, and model of your vehicle?

  • Tom Clancy

    I have an Equnox and the winter tire rims are rusted. What is the cost to sandblast and repaint?

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