12 Reasons to Use DTD Steel Wheels This Winter

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Winter is just around the corner. Is your vehicle prepared? At Logel’s Auto Parts, we know the value of ensuring your ride is ready for the snow and sleet that awaits us this winter.

Part of that preparedness is having the right wheels.

This is why we’ve partnered up with the team at DTD Inc. DTD carries high-quality steel wheels that are perfect for navigating the often treacherous Canadian roads during the winter months.

DTD’s steel wheels fit almost every major vehicle on the market and, with over 190 models, there are plenty of designs and styles to choose from.

Here are some reasons you should consider putting on steel wheels this winter:

Steel wheels offer better protection than aluminium and alloy wheels.

“Steel wheels are usually installed during winter to protect wheels used in the summer from calcium, salt, gravel or other abrasives used to secure our roads,” explains DTD.

The last thing you want is to keep your aluminium or alloy wheels on all winter, just to see dents and nicks on them in the summer. This will undoubtedly ruin the aesthetic of your summer wheels.

Steel wheels save you time.

DTD writes, “Another advantage of the steel wheel is the economy of time and maintenance during periods of tire change.”

When you go and change your summer and winter tires, one of the first questions a mechanic will ask you is, “Are your winter tires on rims?”

If you have a separate set of rims for your winter tires, it takes much less time (and money!) to switch them each season.

Steel wheels cost much less than aluminium wheels.

“Steel is the metal of choice for most parts of a car, as it is cheap and can be made into different shapes quite easily. So it has always been an obvious choice to use for wheels,” says NDTV’s bike and car blog.

At roughly a third of the cost of aluminium wheels, the durability and price of a steel wheel make them the right choice for winter driving.

Mounting tires is stressful on the rubber.

On the topic of steel wheels, Rob MacGregor, an automotive journalist for the Globe and Mail writes, “Having dropped the better part of a grand on rubber, I wanted to protect this investment. Understand that mounting tires on any wheel is very stressful on the bead and sidewall. The process of mounting and un-mounting creates the risk of tearing the bead and possible sidewall distortion.”

Again, a great solution to this issue is having a separate set of steel wheels for your winter tires.

Why choose steel wheels from DTD?

DTD Steel Wheels an industry-leader when it comes to high-quality wheels for your car, and that’s why Logel’s Auto Parts is proud to carry their extensive lineup of products.

If you’re convinced that you need steel wheels for your vehicle this winter, here are twelve reasons why you should choose the DTD brand:

1. SKU Quantities

DTD has the largest amount of OEM spec wheels in North America.

2. Deal Direct

DTD does NOT use brokers — they deal directly with the manufacturers, which helps reduce costs for you.

3. Quality Certifications

Both North American and European Union transportation agencies have approved DTD steel wheels — a testament to the company’s quality and reputation

4. Ownership

DTD owns more than 70% of wheel moulds and dyes, which cuts down on costs and ensures quality is left in DTD’s hands.

5. Individual Packaging

Each individual wheel is put in a plastic bag straight off the line, and then into individual boxes to ensure that all products are shipped safely and without damage.

6. Easy-to-Find Part Numbers

Need to check the part number for your wheel? DTD makes it easy by putting the full wheel description on the box, on a sticker, on the wheel, and engraved on the side face of the rim.

7. Balance

DTD wheels have industry-best balance. Each wheel’s heavy point is matched with each tire’s light point for optimized balance.

8. Popularity

In 2016, DTD sold just shy of 400,000 wheels, making it good enough to rank as the third-largest wheel distributor in North America.

9. Diversity

With 230+ wheel SKUs, more than 40 brands and 700 models (and growing), the diversity of DTD’s selection is industry-leading.

10. Made for Canada

With multi-coat paint applications, including a first coat of electrostatic powder bake paint, DTD wheels are made to last in our tough Canadian climate.

11. Wheel Distortion

Using 8 welds on the disc of the rim ensures that DTD wheels have less of a chance for distortion.

12. Marking the “Low Point”

DTD is the only distributor that marks the low point. This means that we line-up the marking on the tire, which represents the light point, with the valve on the wheel that marks the heaviest point. This gives you a better reading of a vehicle’s balance.

To inquire about DTD steel wheels for your vehicle, get in touch with Logel’s Auto Parts. We’d love to assist you in finding the right steel wheel for your vehicle.

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