Summer Car Maintenance Tips

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Summer is just around the corner, and it’s a great time to start thinking about car maintenance. While the harsh winter has finally passed, summer weather can also be tough on your car.

Before you hit the road for any long summer trips or vacations, make sure you’re taking care of these summer car maintenance tasks:

1. Check the oil

Oil is one of the most important parts of your car, keeping your engine lubricated. This is especially important during the summer when it’s easier for your engine to overheat. Make sure you check the oil level in your car, and top it up if you need to.

2. Do a tire inspection

Extreme temperatures, whether during the winter or the summer, can have a big impact on your tires. In the summer, the heat can cause your tire pressure to increase. Check to ensure that your tires are properly inflated, as underinflated tires can blow out if exposed to too much heat with low pressure. Also be sure to check for any signs of damage or wear, as weak tires can become even weaker when driving over hot roads.

3. Wash and wax

Washing and waxing your car isn’t just cosmetic — keeping your car clean can actually help prevent costly damage. Dirt and dust are abrasive and can scratch the top coat of paint, leading to rust, fading and peeling paint that can be expensive to fix. Take your car through the car wash, or spend an afternoon cleaning it in the driveway, and finish it off with a fresh coat of wax for extra protection.

4. Get your battery checked

We usually associate dead batteries with the dead of winter, but hot summer weather can also affect your car battery. The heat can cause battery fluid to evaporate and leading to the corrosion of the battery. Ask your mechanic to check your battery and make sure it’s fit for driving this season.

5. Get the air conditioner checked

Whether you’re heading out on a week-long road trip or just driving to work, you don’t want to get stuck in your car without working air conditioning on a hot and humid summer day. Before you start to need the air conditioning, get it checked by your mechanic. A weak air conditioner might need more Freon, or it might mean that the belt needs to be fixed. In some cars, the same belt that powers your air conditioner powers your engine, so it’s essential that you don’t ignore it.

Before you pack up the car for your summer road trip, don’t forget to check out our essential safety tips!

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