Tips For Protecting Your Car From The Summer Heat

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After months and months of cold weather, it’s time to break out the sandals and shorts and take advantage of the warm weather to enjoy some summer activities!

While you might be ready for the heat, there are a couple of things you’ll want to consider doing to prepare your car for the summer heat:

1. Prepare Your Battery

Most drivers assume battery problems happen in the winter, but that’s not entirely true. The heat from the summer air, coupled with vibrations, can lead to internal breakdown and failure. To curb the impact of heat and vibration damage, ensure your battery is securely mounted. Clean your battery of any corrosive buildup on the terminals and cable clamps, and make sure the clamps are tight so they won’t move.

2. Prepare Your Engine

Your engine comes with its own cooling system to prevent overheating, but it does require some maintenance to keep it working properly. Flush your engine as recommended by the engine manufacturer, and make sure the coolant is filled to the proper level. You can also take the opportunity to inspect hoses and drive belts for cracking, soft spots or other signs of damage as these could be made worse with heat.

3. Keep Your Tires Inflated

Underinflated tires can overheat and cause a blowout, so it’s important to keep your tires inflated properly at all times. Check your tire pressure once a month, and to get the most accurate reading, check the pressure when the tires are cool. Be sure to check your spare tire’s pressure regularly as well.

4. Maintain Fluids

Your car is full of fluids that are designed to help keep the different components cooled. Between the engine, transmission, power steering and brakes, your car has a variety of coolants that need to be maintained at the proper levels to work the way they should. Check all of your fluids regularly and top them up as needed to prevent any overheating.

5. Use Your Air Conditioner

Air conditioners are more than just a convenience. Keeping yourself cool as you drive can help maintain your alertness and it will also help to keep your vehicle cool and prevent overheating. Make sure your air conditioner is working and check the refrigerant levels if it doesn’t seem to be operating properly.

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