Top 7 Tips for Roadtrip Safety

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Everyone likes a good roadtrip! With summer coming to an end, some of you may be planning a final vacation before school begins again or just as a chance to enjoy the warm weather. Fall is a great season for camping or hiking. But before you hit the road, it’s a good idea to check a few things first. To help you out, the team at Logel’s has put together a list of our top tips for roadtrip safety.

1. Give your vehicle a check-up – This is the obvious one, but it’s still worth mentioning. The longer the roadtrip, the more important it is to make sure your vehicle is in good working order. Are there any chips in the windshield? How long has it been since you’ve had an oil change? Make sure your engine, batteries, and tires are in good shape and that you won’t have something break in the middle of your trip. Also check on the levels of your windshield wiper fluid and coolant, especially if it’s going to be hot!

2. Look at the weather forecast – No one enjoys driving in bad weather. If it gets rough enough, this might even cut down on the distance you’re looking to cover each day. It’s important to plan ahead and see whether you’ll have to deal with rain, fog or other conditions. Even if it’s sunny, make sure you have sunglasses so you’re not struggling to see the road ahead.

3. Bring safety gear – It’s better to always be prepared for the worst case scenario. Do you have a spare tire and a jack in the back of your car? Roadside assistance can take hours to arrive, especially in remote locations. But it’s also good to pack items like jumper cables, extra water, a first-aid kit, a flashlight and a blanket. Remember to fully charge your cell phone as well—you might need it to call for a tow truck.

4. Double-check straps or trailer hitches – If you’re bringing anything on the roof—maybe a canoe, kayaks or a mountain bike—or if you’re attaching a trailer to your car, it’s super important to double-check that these are tied on properly before you start your trip. No one wants to lose a trailer in the middle of the highway! It’s also a good idea to check everything again, whenever you stop for gas or a snack, and keep an eye on them in your mirrors. The wind can shift things while you’re driving, even if they seem secure at first.

5. Don’t over-pack your vehicle – Too much luggage can really cramp your style on a roadtrip! Make sure water bottles and other small items are stowed away so they’re not rolling around under your feet. If something gets beneath the pedals, it can be a major safety hazard. You should also avoid obscuring your rearview mirror or the blind spots on either side of the car. Poor packing makes it difficult to see cars around you.

6. Keep your car kid-friendly – If you’re travelling with children, there are a couple other factors to consider, in addition to the ones above. Make sure you’ve got car seats that are right for your kids and installed correctly. Turn on the child locks in the back, so doors don’t get opened on the highway and check for anything else that could be a safety hazard. It’s also a good idea to bring extra water and snacks, as well as planning for more stops!

7. Make sure you’re well-rested – Sleep is the one of the most important forms of preparation for a roadtrip. Fatigue can be a major factor towards poor driving and even caffeinated drinks aren’t great solutions. Make sure you go to bed early the night before and if you’re still tired, pull over and take a power nap! If you have another driver in the car, switch with them every few hours to keep yourselves fresh and alert.

Happy roadtripping!

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