When To Replace Your Winter Tires

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The tires on your vehicle are crucial to your safety, especially during the winter. Your winter tires are responsible for keeping your vehicle in control on the road. They bear the brunt of the impact from bumps and potholes, as well as ice, snow, and road salt.

When your winter tires start to show signs of excessive wear, it can lead to a variety of problems. Winter tires with worn tire tread are more likely to lose control in heavy snow or ice conditions, as well as experience issues like flat tires or blowouts.

If you rely on your vehicle every single day, it is essential to make sure your tires are in good repair. In this post, we’re going to list some of the top signs that you should look for, if you’re wondering when to replace winter tires.

Worn Tire Tread

If you’re wondering when to replace winter tires, the top sign is when the treads of your tires show excessive signs of wear. The treads of your winter tires are very important, since they are responsible for providing you with traction on the snow and ice. After a fair amount of time, the treads on your tires will begin to flatten.

If you notice that the tread patterns on your winter tires is starting to become flat and worn, it’s time to replace your tires. Also, if you notice uneven tread wear, this is another sign that you should replace your winter tire — and get a professional to see if your wheels may be misaligned. With a good tread on your tires, you can get maximum fuel economy, have more control of your vehicle when accelerating or braking, and have some peace-of-mind in the quality of your tires.

Tire Age

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recommends that you replace your tires at least every 6 years. If you can’t remember the last time that you replaced your winter tires or if you’ve had them for much longer than six years, then it is probably a good idea to consider replacements.

Tire Pressure

If you’re not sure if you need new tires, one of the best ways to check is to monitor your tire pressure on a regular basis. Worn tires will not hold air pressure as well as tires in good condition. If you notice that your tire pressure is decreasing consistently, then it is a clear sign that you need to replace your tires.

Visible Damage

Another clear sign that you need to replace your winter tires is visible damage to the exterior of the tire. Damage to winter tires can come in many forms, such as cracking along the sidewall or at the base of the tire grooves or tire bubbles on the sidewall. If you see any damage of this kind on your winter tires, you should get your tires replaced immediately. It is a sign that your tire is at a high risk of popping or blowout.

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