Automotive Recycling Facts

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At Logel’s Auto Parts, we’re experts in automotive recycling, and it’s our goal to pass this knowledge along to our customers. By providing information about the positive impacts from automotive recycling, we believe that people can make informed decisions that contribute positively to the environment and to the community.

  • Automobiles are the most recycled consumer product in the world.
  • The automotive recycling industry in the U.S. and Canada produces enough steel to produce 13 million new vehicles every year.
  • The North American automotive recycling industry saves 85 million barrels of oil in making new auto parts every year.
  • The North American automotive recycling industry contributes 40 percent of the ferrous metal for the scrap processing industry.
  • So much hazardous fluids and oils are reclaimed by the automotive recycling industry every year that it would equal eight Exxon Valdez disasters.
  • Automotive recyclers, like Logel’s, sell quality auto parts that cost 20 to 80 percent less than new parts.
  • Each vehicle contains 80 percent recyclable parts.
  • Of all the aluminum contained in one vehicle, about 90 percent of it can be recycled.
  • Aluminum accounts for 50 percent of a vehicle’s scrap value.
  • Up to 99% of car batteries can be recycled.
  • Automotive recycling contributes to safer roadways by keeping older vehicles off the roads and reducing the risk of disabled and abandoned vehicles.
  • Every year, approximately 25 million tons of materials are recovered from recycled vehicles.
  • The automotive recycling industry has been operating for about 75 years.
  • The majority of automotive recycling businesses are small businesses. 

At Logel’s Auto Parts, we’re committed to providing our customers with the best service in the region. Whether you’re interested in selling your car to a responsible automotive recycler or are looking for car parts, we can help.

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