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The team at Logel’s Auto Parts strongly believes in recycling transmissions if you are getting rid of an old vehicle. We have two great reasons for advocating for recycling this particular used car part.

First, buying a used transmission can save a car owner a lot of money, and second, it’s the environmentally responsible thing to do. Transmissions contain many toxic fluids that are dangerous for the environment, so it’s important to dispose of them carefully.

If you’re looking to restore or repair a vehicle, we encourage you to look at a recycled transmission. With our industry-leading recycling practices and warranties, you can rest assured that getting a used transmission for your vehicle will be worth it.

Want to know more about what’s involved when recycling a transmission? Let’s take a closer look at the process:

Recycling an Old Transmission

Transmissions, like anything else, can sometimes be beyond repair. In these cases, we’ll recycle the transmission entirely and ensure that it’s disposed of properly.

The recycling process, regardless of the state of the transmission, begins at the pre-treatment stage. This is where we’ll drain all the operating fluids from the transmission. This will allow us to dispose of any harmful pollutants or liquids properly.

Afterward, we’ll decide if we are going to scrap the transmission entirely and use it for aluminium or cast iron, or if we’re going to stock the transmission for someone else to purchase and use in their vehicle.

If we elect to scrap the transmission, we then decide whether it will be used for the aluminium or if it will be sent for remanufacturing. This results in Logel’s being able to recycle more of the transmission and, in combination with draining the transmission, ensures we use the most environmentally-conscious practices available.

Buying a Used Transmission

The biggest reason for buying a used transmission is typically the price. A used transmission can potentially save you thousands of dollars, depending on the car.

People may have other reasons for buying a used transmission. For example, they may be looking to restore an antique vehicle with authentic parts. However, the price is usually the top factor.

When you choose to purchase a used transmission, the specialists at Logel’s will make sure each gear works flawlessly. We want to be sure that when you install one of our parts, you know that it is operating smoothly.

If you have any concerns about performance or something is not up to your standards, we also offer a 60-day warranty on all of our parts plus optional extended warranties.

Recycling Your Car

Retire Your Ride, Canada’s top vehicle recycling program, stresses that where you take your vehicle to be recycled matters. On their website, they write:

“It’s almost unbelievable, but there are some scrap operations who buy cars just to crush them and sell them for the value of the metal, allowing toxic fluids and heavy metals to escape into the soil and groundwater. They don’t recycle any usable parts and pay no regard to the damage they’re doing to the environment.”

Make sure that you are recycling your vehicle’s parts with businesses like Logel’s, who will keep the environment (and your hard-earned money) top of mind in everything we do!

To inquire about transmission recycling or buying a used transmission, contact us today.

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