Why You Should Buy A Recycled Car Battery

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For anything related to your car battery — whether your battery has died or you need to replace your battery — exploring your options for recycled batteries is worthwhile and the team at Logel’s Auto Parts can help you out.

As we wrote about in a previous blog, recycling your car battery is good for the environment because improper battery disposal can lead to chemical contamination of the water supply and other environmental risk factors. Moreover, all of the components in a car battery can be reused!

In this blog, we want to talk about the benefits of buying a car battery that’s been recycled.

The Benefits of Buying A Recycled Car Battery


You can pick up a recycled car battery for far less than the cost of a new battery. In most cases, a new car battery will cost you between $80 and $150, whereas a recycled car battery will cost you 50-75% less.


At Logel’s, a standard 60-day warranty comes on all of our parts and we also offer extended warranty packages that cover everything from parts to labour. To find out more about our warranty packages, click here.


One environmental benefit of recycling car batteries, which we didn’t cover in our last blog, is that purchasing a recycled battery reduces the demand for new batteries to be manufactured. Plus, every battery that can’t be resold is recycled and remanufactured into new batteries.

Battery Solutions, a company on the cutting-edge of the energy storage industry, had this to say about car battery recycling:

Recycling benefits everyone. It enables the reuse of materials that would otherwise be used and discarded. Recycling promotes the “take, make and reuse” circular model that will help to sustain our planet for generations to come. Turning away from the linear economic model of “take, make, toss,” which is not going to carry all of us into a thriving or sustainable future.


Whatever your reason for purchasing or disposing of a car battery, always keep recycling top of mind as it presents benefits to both your wallet and the planet.

If you’d like any more information on car battery recycling, or if you’d like to find out if we have a recycled battery for your vehicle, contact the team at Logel’s Auto Parts.

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  • Mario

    Thinking of replacing my battery with a reconditioned battery . I see you have some. I drive a 2005 Malibu Maxx. Would you have a battery for it and install it? What would it cost me for everything more or less . Thank you

    • Logel's Auto Parts

      Hey Mario, you can find specific parts in our online inventory here. You can also contact the sales office at 519-745-4751, toll free at 1-800-818-9118, or email us at info@logels.com.

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