Why Is It Important To Let Your Vehicle Warm Up?

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Think it’s not important to let your vehicle warm up before you start driving it? Think again. Taking the time to let your vehicle warm up in cold weather can save you from costly damages to your vehicle and improve its driving performance.

So, why do you need to let your vehicle warm up for a few minutes before you drive it?

It gets rid of condensation: 

Nothing is worse than getting into your car, only to realize the windows are totally covered in condensation. Condensation occurs when there is a difference between the moisture and temperature levels inside and outside the car, so letting your vehicle heat up and dry out will eliminate any condensation inside.

 It warms up your vehicle’s oil and fluids: 

When your car is parked, the internal oils and fluids settle until the vehicle is turned on again and they can go back to lubricating the necessary parts, such as the transmission. When the temperature is cold and the internal liquids settle, their viscosity is reduced. If you drive while the oil is not lubricating to the best of its ability, it can cause serious engine damage.

It protects your suspension: 

We all know that when flexible things get cold, they stiffen. The same goes for the flexible parts in your vehicle, such as the seals on its suspension. If you drive without letting everything warm up and become limber again, it can cause cracks or breaks on these seals, which will require a trip to the mechanic to fix.

By taking the extra few minutes to warm up your vehicle on cold days, you will avoid costly repairs and add to the overall life of your vehicle! Give us a call if you have any questions about this or anything else related to winter car care!

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