Dangers of Winter Driving

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Many drivers assume that snow and ice are the only two dangers when it comes to winter driving. And while these are likely the most dangerous, there are some other factors to be aware of when you’re out on the roads this winter.


With the snow comes colder temperatures, and this can be hazardous for driving. Winter tires are designed for driving in cold weather, as all-season tires are unable to work properly below a certain temperature. But the cold is also dangerous to you – if you get stranded by a snowstorm or other incident while driving, you may become stranded in your vehicle. Pack some blankets and an emergency kit in your trunk so you’re prepared for the cold.


Your ability to see while you’re driving isn’t just affected by snow. Always make sure your headlights are in working order so that other drivers can see you, and use them at night, and any time weather is gray or foggy or snowy. In addition to this, be sure to de-ice all of your windows and make sure you can see out of them and your mirrors clearly before heading out on the road.

Failed Battery

Is your battery older than three years? It might be time to replace it, especially before the winter. Cold weather can cause damage to aging batteries, especially in below-freezing weather. If your battery is newer, make sure to check it before the winter anyway.


When snow and ice start to build up on the roads, often the main line of defence is salt. And while this is great for making the roads less slippery and more safe for driving, salt can cause damage to your car if it’s left on too long. Even though the winter is messy and it seems unnecessary to clean your car, regular trips to the car wash are important for maintaining your car’s undercarriage and finish. If you leave salt on your car too long it will start to rust, and rust will only spread and get worse once it’s taken hold.

Want to be prepared for winter driving this year? Read our blog about winter driving myths debunked, from Logel’s Auto Parts in Kitchener.

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