Milestones to Consider When Buying or Selling a Car

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Just like us, our cars have milestones in their lives, but your car’s milestones are measured in mileage. These are not just useful to determine how much a car is worth, but it’s also usually an indication of how much maintenance and upkeep they’ll need. So whether you’re buying or selling a car, here are some milestones to look out for.

64,000 Kilometres (40,000 Miles)

Whether you’ve bought a new or used car, this milestone is the first important one to identify the car’s value. At about 64,000 kilometres, your car will see its first significant drop in value. Most manufacturers’ warranties run out at this point, meaning any repairs will be an added expense for you or someone you’re selling your car to.

Schedule your car for maintenance before your car reaches this milestone, including:

  • Replacing brake pads
  • Replacing tires
  • Changing transmission fluid
  • Getting a new fuel filter
  • Preventative maintenance inspection

112,000 Kilometres (70,000 Miles)

If you’re not the kind of person who hangs on to a car for a long period of time, it might be worth your while to trade your car in before it hits this milestone. At about 112,000 kilometres, you car needs its second major service, and expenses for keeping your car maintained will increase steadily after this point. After this milestone, repairs can include:

  • Cleaning the transmission or coolant
  • Replacing belts
  • Getting new tires
  • Replacing brake pads
  • Replacing worn valves or hoses
  • Getting new spark plugs

Up to 160,000 Kilometres (100,000 Miles)

If you’re planning on selling your car at all, this is a milestone to keep in mind. By about 160,000 kilometres, most of your car’s resale value is almost gone. This marks the third service visit, and any warranties you have on your car for service will have expired by this point. A lot of car buyers think that at this point the car’s life is limited, so it’s worth your while to sell your car before it reaches this stage.

Over 160,000 Kilometres (100,000 Miles)

A lot of cars continue to run pretty well after 160,000 kilometres; if you don’t count on getting a lot from selling it, there’s no reason you can’t continue to drive it. But if you do plan on getting some of your money back, consider selling it before it reaches 160,000 kilometres. After that point, the car’s interior and exterior will begin to wear, causing your car’s value to drop even further. After 160,000 kilometres, take your car in for servicing every 50,000 kilometres or so, and consider some of the following maintenance to extend its life even more:

  • Get your oil and fluids changed regularly at a dealership or auto centre
  • Use synthetic fluids for better fuel economy and improved engine performance
  • Keep up with maintenance

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