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Used Car AC Compressors For Sale

At Logel’s Auto Parts, we offer a wide selection of high-quality used auto parts, including car air conditioning (AC) compressors for most major makes and models. All of our used car AC compressors come with options for standard warranties, in addition to extended warranties for one to five years — so you and your vehicle will be covered in all situations.

Quickly find parts for your car in our online shop and we will ship them to you anywhere in Canada. Otherwise, visit our Kitchener location to pick a used AC compressor in person. At Logel’s Auto Parts, we are passionate about helping our customers save money on their vehicle. For almost 60 years, we have offered a huge inventory of high-quality new and used auto parts. Now you can shop for parts online, with shipping across Canada.

Every purchase includes a standard 60-day warranty on all of our parts. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can return your used parts with your receipt for a no-hassle, 100% refund within this time period.


Used AC Compressors in Canada

Logel’s is known as the best place to buy used car AC compressors in Canada. We stock a large number of car compressors that have been carefully inspected by our team, evacuated correctly, and safely stored in our warehouse.


If you’re curious about what to consider when buying a used AC compressor, then we can help. The Logel team is passionate about helping customers to save money on their vehicles. When buying a used AC compressor for your car, you should ask the following:

  • Has the compressor’s refrigerant been evacuated properly?
  • Was the compressor unit plugged before storage to prevent air contamination?
  • Are the compressor seals intact, especially if it has been stored for a long time?
  • Does the AC compressor come with warranty options?

We offer a huge inventory of used auto compressors in great condition and at affordable prices. All of our parts are safely stored on-site after removal from their recycled vehicles and we also include options for warranties from one to five years. Learn about our warranty packages here.

AC Compressors for Your Car or Truck

In our climate, we know that air conditioning can make all the difference. Hot summers can reach into the thirties, so you’ll want to keep your cabin cool. If you have found your AC is not working, it will be more affordable to change your AC compressor than the whole unit.

Besides a lack of air flow or none at all, if you notice any of the following symptoms then it may be time to check your AC compressor. An unusual smell emitting from your vehicle or unusual sounds when you turn on or off your AC will be signs that components of your air conditioning may not be working correctly.

To prevent your AC compressor from breaking down, always use high quality coolant, send your vehicle for scheduled maintenance and invest in high quality auto parts like those from Logels.


Used Car AC Compressors For Every Major Make and Model

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